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1) Which of the following is the headquarters of World Trade Organisation?

a) Geneva.
b) Madrid.
c) New York.
d) Paris.

ANSWER : Geneva

2) Which is the official language of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation?

a) French.
b) English.
c) Arabic.
d) All of these.

ANSWER : All of these

3) Where is the organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons?

a) Geneva.
b) Turkey.
c) Hague, Netherlands.
d) Brazil.

ANSWER : Hague, Netherlands

4) Where is the International Court of Justice located?

a) Amsterdam.
b) Geneva.
c) Vienna.
d) Hague.

ANSWER : Hague

5) When was NATO an intergovernmental military alliance based on the North Atlantic found?

a) 4th April, 1951.
b) 4th April, 1949.
c) 4th April, 1948.
d) 4th April, 1961.

ANSWER : 4th April, 1949

6) Where was the first ever security Council Summit meeting held in early 1992?

a) Paris.
b) London.
c) Geneva.
d) New York.

ANSWER : New York

7) Among the following which is not related to disarmament?

a) NPT.
b) CTBT.
c) SALT.
d) NATO.


8) In which year did United Nations adapted a Charter of Economic Rights?

a) 1974.
b) 1977.
c) 1955.
d) 1978.

ANSWER : 1974

9) In how many months or year does the Chairmanship / presidency of the UN Security Council rotates?

a) Every year.
b) Every 6 months.
c) Every month.
d) Every 3 months.

ANSWER : Every month

10) Which of the following is not a chief organ of the United Nations Organisations?

a) International court of justice.
b) International labour organisation.
c) General assembly.
d) None of these.

ANSWER : International labour organisation

11) In which year was the League of Arab States is a regional organisation formed in Cairo?

a) 2010.
b) 1947.
c) 1980.
d) 1945.

ANSWER : 1945

12) The International Human rights convention adopted by the United Nations was for:

a) Children.
b) Prisoners.
c) Disabled.
d) Migrant workers.

ANSWER : Children

13) Where is the headquarters of International Atomic energy agency located?

a) Vienna.
b) London.
c) Washington.
d) Geneva.

ANSWER : Vienna

14) Where is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO based?

a) Beijing.
b) Athens.
c) Brussels.
d) New York.

ANSWER : Brussels

15) When was European Nuclear Energy Agency founded?

a) 1968.
b) 1922.
c) 1958.
d) 1942.

ANSWER : 1958

16) Where is the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation?

a) Rabat, Morocco.
b) Say, Niger.
c) Jeddah, Saudi.
d) Mbale, Uganda.

ANSWER : Rabat, Morocco

17) Where is the International Labour Organisation located?

a) Hague.
b) Geneva.
c) Paris.
d) New York.

ANSWER : Geneva

18) Alliance of Small Island States is established in:

a) 2001.
b) 1990.
c) 2011.
d) 1965.

ANSWER : 1990

19) Where is the Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture located?

a) Tehran.
b) Istanbul, Turkey.
c) Kuwait.
d) Saudi.

ANSWER : Istanbul, Turkey

20) Besides UK, USA, Germany and Japan the G-7 countries include:

a) France, Netherlands and Russia.
b) Canada, France and Russia.
c) Canada, Italy and Netherlands.
d) Canada, France and Italy.

ANSWER : Canada, France and Italy

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