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1. FIFA worldcup 2014 will be held in:

a.) Brazil
b.) Poland
c.) Germany
d.) Australia

ANSWER - Brazil

2. US Open was first played on the grass court of :

a.) Newport Casino in 1881
b.) New york in 1881
c.) Roland Garros in 1885
d.) Argentine in 1812

ANSWER - Newport Casino in 1881

3. In which year did Martina Navratilova win her last Wimbledon title?

a.) 1989
b.) 1990
c.) 1991
d.) 1992

ANSWER - 1990

4. Which tennis tournament was held even during the two World Wars?

a.) French Open
b.) Wimbledon
c.) US Open
d.) Australian Open


5. Venkat Rahul Rangala, who clinched a gold medal at Asian Youth Games is a weightlifter in which category?

a.) 66 kg
b.) 77 kg
c.) 85 kg
d.) 90 kg

ANSWER - 77 kg

6. Which Grand Slam has been played on three kinds of surfaces?

a.) Wimbledon
b.) US Open
c.) French Open
d.) Australian Open


7. Cricket World Cup – 2015 will be hosted by:

a.) New Zealand
b.) Australia
c.) South Africa
d.) Jointly by New Zealand and Australia
e.) Jointly by New Zealand and South Africa

ANSWER - Jointly by New Zealand and Australia

8. Pakistani pace legend, Waseem Akram recently married an Australian, named:

a.) Shaniera Thompson.
b.) Jemima Thompson
c.) Evert Gart
d.) None of these

ANSWER - Shaniera Thompson.

9. Which American tennins player pulled out of US Open – 2013 because of health reasons?

a.) Mardy Fish
b.) Jarkko Nieminen
c.) Roger Federer
d.) None of these

ANSWER - Mardy Fish

10. Which of the following is not a Formula One driver?

a.) Kimi Raikkonen
b.) Mark Webber
c.) Daniel Ricciardo
d.) Ante Rukavina

ANSWER - Ante Rukavina

11. David Staniforth, former South African player has been appointed as the:

a.) Goal keeping coach of Indian Hockey team
b.) Goal keeping coach of Indian Football team
c.) Goal keeper of South African Hockey team
d.) Goal keeper of South African Football team

ANSWER - Goal keeping coach of Indian Hockey team

12. Which of the following is not a chess player?

a.) Magnus Carlsen
b.) Adhiban
c.) K Jennitha
d.) Lewis Hamilton

ANSWER - Lewis Hamilton

A. Wimbledon has always been played at “The England Club”
B. Paris has been the venue of “The French Open” since inception.

Which of the following is true for above statements?

a.) Only A
b.) Only B
c.) Both A and B
d.) None of the above

ANSWER - Both A and B

14. When was US open shifted to ‘hard court’?

a.) 1881
b.) 1975
c.) 1977
d.) 1978

ANSWER - 1978

15. Which of the following terms is associated with Golf?

a.) Revoke
b.) Scratch
c.) Bogey
d.) Malley

ANSWER - Bogey

16. With which game is Agha Khan Cup associated?

a.) Football
b.) Badminton
c.) Hockey
d.) Tennis

ANSWER - Hockey


1) Who won the Wimbledon’s Men’s singles title for the year 2008?

a) Roger Federer.
b) N. Djokovik.
c) Rafael Nadal.
d) A.Roddick.

ANSWER : A.Roddick

2) Who is the youngest grandmaster of chess in the history of the game?

a) Nigel Short.
b) David Howell.
c) Sergei Karjakin.
d) Viadimir Kramanik.

ANSWER : Sergei Karjakin

3) Where was the first Modern Olympic Games held?

a) Athens.
b) France.
c) Rome.
d) London.

ANSWER : Athens

4) Which country was the winner of the Euro Cup-2008?

a) Portugal.
b) Italy.
c) Germany.
d) Spain.

ANSWER : Spain

5) With which sports is the Ryder Cup associated?

a) Football.
b) Hockey.
c) Golf.
d) Lawn Tennis.


6) Which among the following is not a term associated with cricket?

a) Gully.
b) Deuce.
c) Hook.
d) Declare.

ANSWER : Deuce

7) The FIFA World Cup 2010 was the ……….edition of the game as per the history of the game.

a) 18th.
b) 14th.
c) 16th.
d) 19th.

ANSWER : 19th

8) Which of the following cricket personality is the brand ambassador of Bank of Baroda?

a) Rahul Dravid.
b) Yuvraj Singh.
c) Irfan Pathan.
d) Saurav Ganguly.

ANSWER : Rahul Dravid

9) Who won the Junior Asia Cup Hockey tournament in the year 2008?

a) India.
b) Malaysia.
c) Pakistan.
d) South Korea.

ANSWER : India

10) Which cricketer has created history by becoming the first person to take a total of 1000 wickets in both test and ODI version of the game of cricket?

a) Anil Kumble.
b) Glenn Mc Grath.
c) Muttiah Nuralidharan.
d) Shane Warne.

ANSWER : Muttiah Nuralidharan

11) Which team won the Indian Premier League Cricket tournament held in May 2012?

a) Rajasthan Royals.
b) Delhi Daredevils.
c) Chennai Super kings.
d) Kolkata Nightriders.

ANSWER : Kolkata Nightriders

12) With which sports is the Rovers Cup associated?

a) Hockey.
b) Football.
c) Polo.
d) Basketball.

ANSWER : Football

13) Which among the following is a term associated with boxing?

a) Hook.
b) Punch.
c) Jab.
d) All of these.

ANSWER : All of these

14) To which sport did Justine Henin bid adiev in the year 2008?

a) Badminton.
b) Lawn-tennis.
c) Chess.
d) Athletics.

ANSWER : Lawn-tennis

15) Which personality among the following belongs to the field of Gulf?

a) Jyoti Randhawa.
b) P.Harikrishna.
c) Pankaj Advani .
d) Mithali Raj.

ANSWER : Jyoti Randhawa

16) Which new rule was introduced in the match between India and Pakistan at Jaipur on 02-10-1983?

a) Limit of overs was reduced to 50 overs.
b) Over throw runs were batsman’s score.
c) No balls and wide were debited to bowlers analysis.
d) The rule of field restriction was taken.

ANSWER : No balls and wide were debited to bowlers analysis

17) What is the nickname of Glenn Mc Grath?

a) Big Bird.
b) Penguin.
c) Pigeon.
d) Ooh Ahh.

ANSWER : Pigeon

18) Who among the following is not associated with billiards in India?

a) Subash Agrawal.
b) Manoj Kothari.
c) Ashok Shandilya.
d) Mihir Sen.

ANSWER : Mihir Sen

19) Where did India play its first one day international match?

a) Headingley.
b) The oval.
c) Taunton.
d) Lords.

ANSWER : Headingley

20) Mohammad Azharuddin is associated with which country?

a) Hampshire.
b) Derbyshire.
c) Yorkshire.
d) Lancashire.

ANSWER : Derbyshire

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about the gk Q & A

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