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Women are good managers

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-Rajmeet Ghai

Gone the times when women used to sit at him only for domestic responsibilities. Even in India, people are becoming more liberal and more women are entering the corporate world.


  • It’s a known fact that women are more organized than men.
  • Women anyway most of the time effectively handle all domestic responsibilities even in the financial domain.
  • They are good managers at home. This definitely makes a difference when compared to men.
  • Women are more focused and have better leadership skills.
  • Women have better selling abilities when compared to men.
  • Women have a more pleasing personality and convincing powers.


  • Women have many other domestic responsibilities. They may not be able to handle so much stress.
  • Women usually are more emotional. This can definitely affect their work and professional relationships. They may not be able to balance emotional and professional distances.
  • Most women to reach at the top may just make misuse of certain laws for their rights.
  • Women are known for their sacrificing and adjusting behavior. This is definitely not a trait of a good manager.
  • Women tend to stretch and exaggerate a lot. This cannot be acceptable in work environment.

In the history of many cultures, women have always surpassed men in all aspects. However, we must not forget that women are far more emotional than men. As long as the emotions don’t intrude in their work, women can definitely be better managers than men!

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Womens are the good managers

Yes, I m totally agree with this statement that womens are the good managers. A manager is one who manage all the activities very well and we all know women have such qualities. They manage all the activities properly. The best ex. Which suit to this statement is our mother and the other working women which manage properly there personal life as well as there professional life. They have more convince power. Even company law also provide that there must be a women director in a company.

Vaishali 07-7-2015 11:47 AM

Group Discussion- Women are good managers

Just like women can drive, can read maps, can work in the army, can compete with men on every level and defy every other myth that you have heard of. In the same way, women are equally capable of being good mangers. Women are more organized than men. Women are far better persuaders and sellers as they have a pleasing personality. This topic is sexist and comparisons between men and women should be stopped.

Hemant Sharma 01-8-2012 06:29 AM



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