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? Job or Finishing studies - What is better ? (2) I completed diploma in civil engineering in 2011, then almost three years preparation for government job but after two years started worked in cement industry but now I want complete my graduation.Which is better for me either graduation or continuing the job.Please suggest. Posted by: Md Aurangzeb Alam
? Personal life and lifestyle in getting a job (2) Does my personal life or lifestyle make any difference in getting me hired? Posted by: Guest
? Pursuing higher studies while working (2) I have completed my B Com and joining BPO. Joining job was the need of hour, but I am interested in studying further. I have got mixed responses to carry on studies along with job as many feel that studying is possible only if I leave job. Quitting job is no option for me. Can I pursue my post graduation along with the job? Posted by: Guest
? Can I do Interior Designing after engineering? (2) I had always been interested in Interior Designing, but took engineering at my graduation to satisfy my parents. Now as they are convinced with my interest, is it possible to opt any Interior Designing course? I have completed my BE Mechanical branch. Posted by: Guest
? How to search a good Air Hostess training institute? (2) I want to become a Air Hostess. I have searched for the eligibility criteria and meet the requirements. I am not sure which institute is a good one. There are many such institutes. How to find a good one? Posted by: Guest
? Various opportunities available in Aviation industry (2) I have joined Engineering and want to pursue some job into the Aviation industry. What are the various fields of professionals required for running the Aviation industry? Posted by: Guest
? Career prospects abroad after Nursing degree. (2) I have joined B Sc Nursing. I aim to work abroad and want to know the career prospects abroad in this field. Posted by: Guest
? Skills required for an Air Hostess and the major subjects of study (2) I am interested in joining the Air Hostess training institute. What are the skills that are required to become an Air Hostess? What are the major subjects of study in the course? Posted by: Guest
? Course details of Physiotherapy (2) I have applied for Bachelor of physiotherapy at few institutes. Before joining the course, I want to understand the details of the course. Posted by: Guest
? Integrated courses in Law after 12th (2) What are the Integrated Law courses available in India? I am from science stream and interested in pursuing law and make that my career. Posted by: Guest
? Courses related to Construction and Infrastructure management. (2) I am interested in the management field and not engineering. I am aware of Civil engineering which I am not interested in. Provide me the details of the graduate and post graduate management courses available in India related to construction and infrastructure management. Posted by: Guest
? Career in the field of Archaeology (2) I have joined BA Archaeology and want to find my future scope in this field. Posted by: Guest
? Skills to become a successful journalist (2) I am interested in journalism and joined the mass media and journalism for graduation. I would like to excel in this field & would like to work on my personality development in the same lines. Can anyone guide me the skills required to become a successful journalist? Posted by: Guest
? Job opportunities after Optometry (2) I have joined Bachelor of Optometry and want to understand the job opportunities in this field. Please help. Posted by: Guest
? Options for further education after GNM (2) I have joined Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery. What are the further study options available in India in this field? Posted by: Guest
? Skills required for a successful chef. (2) I want to become chef and applying for various courses in culinary arts. What are the skills required for a good chef, the qualities that I need to put forth in case of any interview. Posted by: Guest
? Courses in Culinary Arts. (2) I understand becoming a chef is different from Hotel Management. What are the studies and courses available in India for Culinary Arts? Posted by: Guest
? Scope with Motorsport Engineering. (2) What is motorsport engineering and what is its scope? Posted by: Guest
? Indian Navy after BE (2) I tried for Indian Navy after 12th but unable to get through, so joined BE Electronics now. Can anyone give me the procedure to join Indian Navy in Submarine engineering after completing BE? Posted by: Guest
? Career in mining industry. (2) What sort of course could help in joining the mining industry and how good is the scope of this field? Posted by: Guest
? Career after Photography courses (2) I am interested in photography and joined my graduation study in the same field. I would like to know the job prospects in this field and the profiles available for the professional photographers. Posted by: Guest
? Aviation courses after 12th (2) What are the different courses available to serve in the aviation industry that could be pursued after 12th? Posted by: Guest
? Scope in Automobile engineering (2) Kindly tell me the career prospects available in automobile engineering. Posted by: Guest
? Career prospects with civil engineering. (2) I have joined BE Civil branch and want to pursue career in the same field. Can you help me with some employment areas in this branch of engineering? Posted by: Guest
? Career scope of Biomedical Engineering (3) What are the possible and available job opportunities with Biomedical Engineering? Posted by: Guest
? Career prospects with Chemical Engineering. (2) I have joined BE Chemical branch with a hope to have good prospects. It is the image that I have received by public opinion. I want to make sure of the actual career prospects in this field. Can anyone provide me these details? Posted by: Guest
? LLM Specializations that add value (2) I have joined BBA + LLB and want to pursue LLM after my graduation. I would like to know the good specialization courses available in LLM. Please update. Posted by: Guest
? Scope of B Tech Food Processing and Technology (2) Can anyone help me with the scope for B Tech In Food Processing and Technology? Posted by: Guest
? Fighter Pilot In IAF (2) I want to become a Fighter Pilot in Indian Air Force. I have just passed my 12th PCM and applying for graduation. I want to check whether there is any way for direct entry into Indian Air Force for the 12th pass students? Posted by: Guest
? Thermal Power Plant Engineering course details (2) I have joined Electrical Engineering and want to work as a Thermal Power Plant Engineer. How should I proceed towards this career? Posted by: Guest
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