100 idioms and their meanings and examples - part 3

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We are pleased to bring to you the Part III of Learning Idioms video. Like the last two parts of the video, we will first learn the meaning of each Idiom followed by an example. You can then make your own sentences and practice them. So, let's begin:

51. Deep down -

Meaning - Describing what a person really feels deep inside or what is he like.

Example - He appears to be indifferent to the success or failure of his children but deep down he is highly concerned.

52. Have your heart in the right place -

Meaning - Refers to a person with good intentions; even though the results are not that impressive.

Example - The dinner she had cooked wasn't the best but she had her heart in the right place.

53. Groan inwardly -

Meaning - Refers to a feeling where you want to express despair, disapproval or distress, but you keep quite.

Example - She was quite disappointed at the sarcastic remark by her friend but looking at the situation sh groaned inwardly.

54. Beard the lion in his den -

Meaning - Challenge someone in his own area.

Example - If he doesn't come to see me today, I'll have to beard the lion in his den.

55. Keep a stiff upper lip -

Meaning - Refers to a person who doesn't show off his emotions. 

Example - He heard the news about his father's demise but kept a stiff upper lip.

56. Go bananas -

Meaning - Refers to someone who behaves in a crazy way out of emotions.

Example - Your decision to go abroad for a year will make your family go bananas.

57. Lump in your throat -

Meaning - Refers to a tight feeling in your throat because of an emotion like sadness or gratitude.

Example - After all the hardships, I saw my son winning a gold medal today - I had a lump in my throat.

58. Hard as nails -

Meaning - Refers to a person without sentiments and sympathy for anyone.

Example - He has become as hard as a nail after his brother was brutally murdered.

59. Lick one's wounds -

Meaning - Trying to regain their confidence or boost up the spirits after a defeat.

Example - Raja is licking his wounds after being dropped from the Indian Cricket Team.

60. Proud as a peacock -

Meaning - Refers to an extremely proud person.

Example - His son is has finally become a doctor. He is as proud as a peacock.

61. Tongue-tied -

Meaning - Difficulty in expressing yourself because of nervousness or embarrassment.

Example - As her prospective in laws came to see her, she was completely tongue tied.

62. Look on the bright side -

Meaning - View an unpleasant situation in a positive light.

Example - You met with an accident but look on the bright side - you managed to get away just with some bruises.

63. Swallow one's pride -

Meaning - Accepting something humiliating or embarrassing.

Example - When his son was caught cheating in the exam. He had to swallow his pride and meet the principal.

64. Makes your flesh crawl -

Meaning - Something that makes you feel disgusting or nervous.

Example - The sight of the accident made my flesh crawl.

65. Speak volumes -

Meaning - Expresses a reaction without words.

Example - She came to pick me at the station at an odd hour. Her actions spoke volumes about her bravity.

66. Not turn a hair -

Meaning - Refers to not exhibiting any emotion where it is expected.

Example - He didn't turn a hair even after his office was raided by the CBI.

67. Reduce to tears -

Meaning - Getting into tears because of some one's behavior.

Example - Her best friend stopped talking to her. This reduced her to tears.

68. In the bag -

Meaning - Refers to a situation when you are sure that success is sure.

Example - The wickets of opponent team fell down very fast, vistory seemed to be in the bag at the end of 25 overs.

69. Blow up in face -

Meaning - Refers to a situation when a plan or project suddenly fails.

Example - It was difficult to get a place in the train to Mumbai. It blew up in the face when a train de-railed and blocked the track.

70. Bottom fell out -

Meaning - Refers to a situation when a plan or project fails.

Example - When the police announced a red alert in the city, the bottom fell out of their plan to hold a rally.

71.Cake not worth the candle -

Meaning - Refers to something in which result vs efforts are too less.

Example - He worked very hard to organize the party but very few guests walked in. The cake wasn't worth the candle.

72. Chance one's arm -

Meaning - Deciding to do something even though the chances of sucess are very little.

Example - She knew there was little chance of getting through the audition test but she decided to chance her arm.

73. Come up roses -

Meaning - Successful end results even though there may be some initial hiccups.

Example - After initial hiccups, the project seems to be coming up roses.

74. Cook someone's goose -

Meaning - Spoil other person's chances of success.

Example - When the opponent team saw Indian batsmen taking wicket after wicket, they realised that their goose was cooked.

75. Cut one's own throat -

Meaning - Doing something that will cause your own failure.

Example - Raghav is not sincere in the class since the beginning. He is cutting his own throat.  

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? Is The Meaning Of This Idioms
Dog In The Manger

John 08-5-2017 03:30 AM


Verry Intresting Idioms

John 08-5-2017 03:23 AM

Fist Name Service

what is the meaning of "first name service" ?


Ineke Manaseh 01-9-2017 02:12 AM

very nice

idioms are very useful

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these are very useful for my personal narrative essay. keep 'em coming!

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Infact All The Idioms Are Very Interesting. Although I Just Pick Ten Out Of The Hundred Given, And I Know That They Will Be New To My Lecturer.

Olalekan Bakare Yaro 11-9-2015 01:47 AM


I want to know the meaning of the following idioms
(I)you are telling me
what got into him
To death
. To say the least
That will be telling
. Turns down
Please answer my questions unless I will never come back to this site again

Melody Udochukwu 11-4-2015 03:36 PM


Please i want to know the meaning of this idioms.
1.A black shape
2.A bone of contention
3.To cross with somebody
4.flew into temper.

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Great and very much knowledgeable for my children.

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asd 07-15-2015 06:05 AM


simile is a camparasin of 2 unlike things using like or as

#60 has proud AS a peacock

tonii 02-10-2015 02:24 AM

Dont beat about the bush

I appreciate what you are doing, giving us a chance to express our knowledge in english

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it is so helpful . awesome

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