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In questions given below, choose the alternative one which can be most effectively substituted for the given word/sentence.

1. The general act of forgiveness on a national occasion.

a.) Benediction
b.) Amnesty
c.) Emancipation
d.) Gratification

ANSWER : Amnesty

2. Something which is short lived.

a.) Interim
b.) Epicurious
c.) Ephemeral
d.) Diadem

ANSWER : Ephemeral

3. Study of birds.

a.) Ornithology
b.) Aviology
c.) Supersonic
d.) Birdology

ANSWER : Ornithology

4. He can not live in a closed apartment. He is _____

a.) Claustrophobic
b.) Congested
c.) Acrophobic
d.) Coprastasophobic

ANSWER : Claustrophobic

5. The new sales man talks a lot, often about stuff that only he thinks is interesting. No one likes a _______man like him.

a.) Loquacious
b.) Garrulous
c.) Verbose
d.) Tacit

ANSWER : Loquacious

6. Study of stamps and postal history

a.) Philately
b.) Numismatics
c.) Postatics
d.) Stampics

ANSWER : Philately

7. God is present everywhere. He is __________.

a.) Omniscient
b.) Omnipresent
c.) Omnipotent
d.) Convalescent

ANSWER : Omnipresent

8. A Government by the nobles

a.) Monarchy
b.) Aristocracy
c.) Autocracy
d.) Plutocracy

ANSWER : Aristocracy

9. Something which can not be avoided

a.) Unavoidable
b.) Inimitable
c.) Inevitable
d.) Unevitable

ANSWER : Inevitable

10. A handwriting that can not be read

a.) Caliph
b.) Caligraphy
c.) Illegible
d.) Unreadable

ANSWER : Illegible

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