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In following questions, a sentence is broken up into parts. One of the parts may have an error. You are required to identify the part containing the error. If there’s no error – choose “None of the above” as your answer.

a.) Meet Arindam Das
b.) a resident of Raipur
c.) his joy knew no bounds
d.) when he got a call for a job opportunity in Mumbai.
e.) None of the above

ANSWER : his joy knew no bounds

a.) There is a huge pool of
b.) ignorant manpower
c.) desperately seeking a source of
d.) employment and income
e.) None of the above

ANSWER : None of the above

a.) Candidates from smaller towns
b.) are focussed on
c.) the Internet and phone messages
d.) None of the above.

ANSWER : are focussed on

a.) Reputed organizations
b.) not ask money
c.) from applicants
d.) to secure a job
e.) None of the above

ANSWER : not ask money

a.) A multinational telecommunication giant
b.) that has branches
c.) inside the country
d.) allows for three days of paternity leave.
e) None of the above

ANSWER : inside the country

a.) In the last 4 years
b.) the number of releases
c.) went up 3 times
d.) None of the above

ANSWER : went up 3 times

a.) This kind of discrimination
b.) has happened forever
c.) but we never expected it
d.) to happen in our team
e.) None of the above.

ANSWER : has happened forever

a.) There has been a
b.) sea-change in
c.) the music scene
d.) not just in India but globally as well.
e.) None of the above.

ANSWER : None of the above.

a.) After a successful stunt
b.) in the real estate development
c.) we are happy to make an entry
d.) into the automobile market
e.) None of the above.

ANSWER : After a successful stunt

a.) When you see him
b.) ready to fight
c.) you must be
d.) frightened of him
e.) None of the above.

ANSWER : you must be

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spotting error

explain reason why it has error

Harish 09-20-2016 10:01 PM

want reason

errors are not rectified here just spotting it.370

sushmithadevi 07-17-2015 03:58 AM


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