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In each question below, there is a sentence with jumbled up parts. Rearrange these parts which are labelled A, B, C and D to produce the correct sentence. Choose the proper sequence.

1. A month after schools reopened….

A. 84% seats reserved under RTE
B. remain vacant
C. in private schools
D. for the new academic year

a.) ABCD
b.) ACBD
c.) CABD
d.) DABC

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2. Panic gripped the residents …….

A. of the area
B. in the heart of the city
C. on Wednesday
D. after a leopard escaped from the cage in forest department.

a.) ABCD
b.) CDAB
c.) CBDA
d.) DABC

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3. The four passengers who…….

A. after their MUV fell into the river
B. were feared to have been swept away
C. are still untraceable
D. by the water of river

a.) CABD
b.) BDCA
c.) CDBA
d.) BACD

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4. The taps will run dry

A. on Thursday evening
B. as the water supply department
C. in the city
D. will undertake repair works

a.) ABCD
b.) BCDA
c.) CBDA
d.) CABD

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5. In a late night decision

A. the district collector
B. the royal fort
C. on Tuesday
D. revoked the auction of

a.) ADBC
b.) CADB
c.) CDBA
c.) CBDA

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6. These degrees …..

A. are generally one-year long and
B. teach students everything related to the subject
C. that specific subject
D. making them a master in

a.) BADC
b.) ADCB
c.) BDAC
d.) ABDC

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7. Not only is software……..

A. fun
B. but having
C. fun in software is a
D. catalyst for a successful career.

a.) ABCD
b.) DBCA
c.) CBAC
d.) CABD

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8. The higher up the …..

A. pole of technology you climb
B. the more freedom you can
C. have in what you work on.
D. Totem

a.) ADBC
b.) DABC
c.) ABCD
d.) ABDC

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9. The least pleasant …….

A. lower-skilled
B. tasks are delegated to the
C. junior employees
D. and

a.) DABC
b.) BADC
c.) DCBA
d.) ADBC

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10. Although the most successful people …..

A. their career success is gated more by
B. what they do than by how much of it
C. work hard
D. long hours

a.) BACD
b.) DCAB
c.) CDAB
d.) BADC

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I liked the test. It tested my language ability & selection of answers.

Gayatri Holkar 03-19-2017 09:30 AM

Ordering of words - Verbal ability online test

It's very useful.

Thenuga 07-8-2015 06:10 AM


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