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Some parts of the sentences in the passages below are left blank. Fill them with the best alternative.

(1), the demand for residential and commercial real estate in the city is (2), though it has slowed down lately due to the weak economy. The huge demand and potential for development has (3) many real estate developers, and the city is today (4) different project –ranging from huge townships, (5) buildings, luxury projects to big commercial complexes.

1. a.) Immediately
b.) Constantly
c.) Consequently
d.) Currently

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ANSWER : Consequently

2. a.)very high
b.) massive
c.) exorbitant
d.) immense

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ANSWER : massive

3. a.) attracted
b.) invited
c.) inspired
d.) called

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ANSWER : attracted

4. a.) Observing
b.) watching
c.) a home to
d.) witnessing

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ANSWER : witnessing

5. a.) luxury
b.) standalone
c.) architectural
d.) royal

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ANSWER : standalone

According to a survey conducted in the US, a ‘geek dad’ is a father who is (1) about technology and knowledgeable about the latest (2). Interestingly, an (3) number of parents, especially fathers are turning tech savvy to (4) with their children.

1. a.) aware
b.) interested
c.) enthusiastic
d.) well read

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ANSWER : enthusiastic

2. a.) innovations
b.) developments
c.) gadgets
d.) games

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ANSWER : innovations

3. a.) immense
b.) increasing
c.) ever growing
d.) astronomical

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ANSWER : increasing

4. a.) gel
b.) play
c.) bond
d.) enjoy

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ANSWER : bond

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