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Some parts of the sentences in the passages below are left blank. Fill them with the best alternative.

The number of tigers in the northern forests of the country are increasing, says the latest (1). The numbers are either stable or rising in other areas too. But wildlife experts still see red over (2) efforts, which are (3) by rampant (4) and construction of infrastructural projects in forest areas.

1. a.) concensus
b.) survey
c.) census
d.) result

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ANSWER : census

2. a.) saving
b.) conservation
c.) growth
d.) protection

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ANSWER : conservation

3. a.) stagnated
b.) effected
c.) hampered
d.) stalled

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ANSWER : hampered

4. a.) killing
b.) poaching
c.) taming
d.) shooting

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ANSWER : poaching

In the new global economic order, the (1) of pursuing higher education abroad in humanities has definitely come under (2). The phenomenal increase in tution fees in countries like the UK has primarily affected the softer (3) of humanities. Thankfully, scholarships are quite a (4) in such cases.

1. a.) idea
b.) thought
c.) ambition
d.) desire

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ANSWER : ambition

2. a.) strain
b.) mess
c.) pressure
d.) back seat

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ANSWER : strain

3. a.) streams
b.) faculties
c.) subjects
d.) disciplines

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ANSWER : disciplines

4. a.) relaxation
b.) breather
c.) hope
d.) ray.

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ANSWER : breather

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