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Some parts of the sentences in the passages below are left blank. Fill them with the best alternative.

The cause of visual (1) was extremely important to Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, and after his demise, it has become (2) important for his family members, all of whom have also pledged to donate their cornea. Pataudi, who lost visibility in one eye at the age of 20, (3) against the impairment for decades. Now, his family has taken up the (4). Among many other (5), they are expanding the eye hospital he started in Bhopal. While it is currently an out-patient hospital for surgeries like cataract, the plan is to make it an in-patient soon.

a.) disability
b.) impairment
c.) handicap
d.) ineffectiveness

ANSWER : impairment 

a.) very
b.) extremely
c.) equally
d.) none the less

ANSWER : equally 

a.) fought
b.) worked
c.) remained depressed
d.) challenged

ANSWER : fought 

a.) onus 
b.) project
c.) initiative
d.) lead

ANSWER : onus

a.) projects
b.) responsibilities
c.) initiatives
d.) endeavours

ANSWER : initiatives

India’s retail market is majorly dominated(1) by unorganised sector. The US$ 500 billion market, growing at an annual rate of about 20 percent, is largely(2) dominated by small shops and stores as of now. The organised sector accounts for 8 percent of the total retail landscape(3), according to a study by Booz & Co and Retailers association of India. The Indian retail industry has expanded by 10.6 percent between 2010 and 2012 and is expected(4) to increase to US$ 750 - 800 billion by 2015, according to another report by Deloitte. However, with the overall economy slowing down, experts point out that things really aren’t that hunky-dory(5) at the moment.

a.) covered
b.) dominated 
c.) classified
d.) held

ANSWER : dominated

a.) largely 
b.) basically
c.) actually
d.) indifferently

ANSWER : largely 

a.) portrait
b.) landscape 
c.) scenery
d.) shops

ANSWER : landscape

a.) required
b.) sure
c.) expected
d.) planned

ANSWER : expected

a.) attractive
b.) promising
c.) hunky-dory
d.) pessimistic.

ANSWER : hunky-dory

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