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Direction – Some situations are provided below, followed by a idiom or proverb. Choose the one which fits the situation best.

1. There are so many skills and so much knowledge to acquire that a lifetime is not enough.

a.) Art is long, and Time is fleeting.
b.) Art is long, life is short.
c.) The lyfe so short, the craft so long to lerne
d.) So vast is art, so narrow human life.

ANSWER : Art is long, life is short.

2. Don’t judge by appearances.

a.) Beauty is only skin deep
b.) Handsome is as handsome does.
c.) Never judge by appearances
d.) All the above

ANSWER : All the above

3. It is pointless reasoning with a person who does not want to listen to sense.

a.) There are none so blind as those who will not see.
b.) There are none so deaf as those who will not hear.
c.) Both the above.
d.) None of the above.

ANSWER : Both the above.

4. She has been ill through out her life but has managed to see 87 years of life.

a. A cat has nine lives
b. Every bullet has its billet
c. Both the above
d. None of the above

ANSWER : A cat has nine lives

Direction - What does the following proverb mean?

5. Every Jack has a Jill.

a.) There is a partner in life for everybody.
b.) People are born in pairs.
c.) You need a partner to accomplish every task.
d.) All the above.

ANSWER : There is a partner in life for everybody.

6. The thief disappeared ______________________________.

a.) in a minute
b.) immediately
c.) in the blink of an eye
d.) in front of me

ANSWER : in the blink of an eye

7. He knows the inside out of this business. He has been doing it for ________________.

a.) awhile
b.) a long time
c.) donkey’s years
d.) years and generations

ANSWER : donkey’s years

8. The journey was tiring. He had a _____________________________.

a.) tough time
b.) five o’clock shadow
c.) twelve o’clock look
d.) fatigued look.

ANSWER : five o’clock shadow

9. He has almost lost touch with his brother. They see each other ______________________________.

a.) in a billion years
b.) once in a blue moon
c.) in a month of Sundays
d.) hardly

ANSWER : once in a blue moon

10. He sold all his stocks when the _________________.

a.) time was ripe
b.) time was on his side
c.) moment was right
d.) time honoured practice

ANSWER : time was ripe

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Idioms and phrase

Thanks for sharing ur God given knowledge. Nw i knw sumtin about idioms

Wunmi 09-20-2014 11:23 AM


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