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Direction – Some situations are provided below, followed by a idiom or proverb. Choose the one which fits the situation best.

21. The fact that the servant sold off a gold necklace the next day after burglary _______________________ in the mind of police.

a.) grew suspicion
b.) created suspicion
c.) sowed the seeds of suspicion
d.) created doubt

ANSWER : sowed the seeds of suspicion

22. The government is determined to eliminate the cause of Polio ________________________.

a.) absolutely
b.) from the root
c.) root and branch
d.) from every city

ANSWER : root and branch

23. The company has made a huge investment in ______________________.

a.) gold
b.) silver
c.) black gold
d.) platinum

ANSWER : black gold

24. He had given up all the hopes when _____________ he was selected into the Indian cricket team.

a.) unexpectedly
b.) all of a sudden
c.) out of the blue
d.) suddenly

ANSWER : out of the blue

25. He was an honest and hardworking employee. The company gave him a _____________.

a.) good send off
b.) golden handshake
c.) descent farewell
d.) a lot of money

ANSWER : golden handshake

26. We will launch the new project as soon as we get a ____________________.

a.) green light
b.) nod
c.) yes
d.) authority

ANSWER : green light

27. The world champions got a _____________________ welcome at the airport.

a.) huge
b.) astounding
c.) red carpet
d.) blue carpet

ANSWER : red carpet

28. Don’t talk to my father about my girl friend. It will be like __________________________.

a.) showing a red flag to the bull
b.) entering a den
c.) disturbing a lion
d.) shaking a tree

ANSWER : showing a red flag to the bull

29. The is no _____________ that will put an end to corruption.

a.) silver bullet
b.) magical solution
c.) magic
d.) diamond solution

ANSWER : silver bullet

30. The new club is a __________. All the residents here prefer to go to temple in the evening.

a.) useless construction
b.) white elephant
c.) white ghost
d.) huge expense

ANSWER : white elephant

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