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The questions below consist of four sentences marked A, B, C and D. Arrange the sentences in a proper sequence to form a coherent paragraph.

A. Somewhere in the 90’, women were encouraged to join the office cadre in the Indian Army, which can be considered as a major breakthrough in women’s empowerment.
B. Though work place evils such as harassment and gender bias continue to create obstacles, today’s working woman does not fear to voice her opinion or seek resolution with calculated sensibility.
C. Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams marked the foray of Indian women into space.
D. Other unconventional careers, which have opened their doors to the Indian woman include pilots, cab, drivers and bus conductors.

a.) CDAB
b.) BCDA
c.) CBAD
d.) ACDB


A. The strength of a company’s ethical culture lies in the extent to which the organization makes doing the right thing a priority.
B. Hence, it is imperative to continually share expectations and policies to create a clear understanding of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour at the workplace.
C. This creates a culture where employees independently behave in an ethical manner.
D. And, if a zero-tolerance policy towards unethical practices is adhered to, the myth of nice guys finishing last will be shattered.

a.) ACDB
b.) ABCD
c.) ADCB
d.) ADBC


A. The questions isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me, remarked celebrated author Ayn Rand.
B. Born into an affluent family, she opened her soul to music and literature, in that order. But her times were different.
C. For women, talent was confined to what you turned to when the ‘real’ things were over with.
D. She was accomplished in her own right.

a.) BDCA
b.) CBDA
c.) ADBC
d.) DBCA


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