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The questions below consist of four sentences marked A, B, C and D. Arrange the sentences in a proper sequence to form a coherent paragraph.

A. Following his defeat he abdicated with the apparent intention of going into exile in America.
B. At Rocherfort, however he found the harbour blockaded and he decided to surrender himself to Royal Navy.
C. He was escorted aboard HMS Bellerophon. It was a new experience for him to see the inside of a ship of the Royal Navy, the instrument of France’s defeat at Trafalgar a few years earlier.
D. If you or I had been in Napoleans’s shoes after his shattering defeat at Waterloo we might well have lapsed into a state of inward-looking depression if not despair. Not so Napolean.

a.) DABC
b.) ACBD
c.) ABCD
d.) DBCA


A. You may not think about it, you can instinctively understand that when someone helps you, you are expected sooner or later to somehow pay them back, in some reasonable way.
B. You already know a lot more about influence than you realize.
C. Some of the time, you can just ask for what you need, and if the other person or group can respond, they will.
D. Sometimes you have to work a little harder to figure out how to get what you want.

a.) ABCD
b.) BCDA
c.) CDBA
d.) BACD


A. They don’t think of influence as a kind of exchange, and don’t understand how important it is to deliver something of value to the other person, rather than what they themselves value.
B. As instinctive as some kinds of influence are, many people do not have a very conspicuous idea of how to go about it when the other person or group is not responsive.
C. They forget that it has to appeal to something the other person or group cares about.
D. They revert to emphasizing how wonderful what they want is.

a.) ABCD
b.) ACDB
c.) CDBA
d.) BADC


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