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Choose the correct word to fill in the blanks.

1. He could easily cover his rural ______

a.) assent
b.) ascent
c.) accent
d.) acent

ANSWER : accent

2. Your understanding of the situation sounds good. I ______ the solution you have provided.

a.) Accept
b.) Except
c.) Expect
d.) Stand by

ANSWER : Accept

Which of the following words is not correctly spelt?

3. a.) Climactic
b.) Biennial
c.) Complaisant
d.) Intensly

ANSWER : Intensly

a.) adduce
b.) allusion
c.) tortous
d.) loathe

ANSWER : tortous

5. a.) venal
b.) proscribe
c.) venial
d.) hieroglaphics

ANSWER : hieroglaphics

6. I will meet you in __________

a.) a while
b.) awhile
c.) a-while
d.) none of these

ANSWER : a while

7. The amount of sugar in his blood __________ the previous reading.

a.) acceded
b.) exceeded
c.) crossed
d.) beyond

ANSWER : exceeded

8. The animals quickly ____________ to the new environment.

a.) adapted
b.) adopted
c.) adepted
d.) made

ANSWER : adapted

9. Genuine relationships always seemed to _________ her.

a.) allude
b.) elude
c.) illude
d.) delude

ANSWER : elude

10. The teacher _________ him to take a break.

a.) aloud
b.) alloud
c.) allowed
d.) stopped

ANSWER : allowed

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