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Choose the correct word to fill in the blanks.

11. Mike had __________ finished the whole pizza by the time his guests arrived.

a.) already
b.) allready
c.) all ready
d.) just

ANSWER : already

12. We rowed the boat __________ so that none of us would get tired.

a.) alternatively
b.) alternate
c.) alternately
d.) turn wise

ANSWER : alternately

13. The ceremony at the church was conducted at the ___________ .

a.) podium
b.) alter
c.) table
d.) altar

ANSWER : altar

14. The new teacher was a very _______________ and liked by all the students.

a.) beautiful
b.) intelligent
c.) amicable
d.) amiable

ANSWER : amiable

15. The children were __________ to watch the kites fly.

a.) amused
b.) bemused
c.) confused
d.) affused

ANSWER : amused

16. They want to _________ the agreement.

a.) reject
b.) deject
c.) annual
d.) annul

ANSWER : annual

17. The lawyer ________ her of her rights after divorce.

a.) appraised
c.) quantified
d.) apprised
d.) discussed with

ANSWER : apprised

18. __________ wild animals to hunt them is a serious crime.

a.) Bating
b.) Baiting
c.) Killing
d.) Shooting

ANSWER : Baiting

19. Place the pen ________ the notebook.

a.) besides
b.) beside
c.) aside
d.) deside

ANSWER : beside

20. We buy the grocery ___________ from the supermarket.

a.) bimonthly
b.) two monthly
c.) formerly
d.) suddenly

ANSWER : bimonthly

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