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Choose the correct word to fill in the blanks.

1. People forget we don’t live in ______.

a. Isolate b. Isolation c. Isolated d. Isolating

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ANSWER: Isolation

2. Peer pressure is not just limited to teenagers, it is also ________ in adults.

a. prevalent b. prevailing c. prevail d. prevails

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ANSWER: prevalent

3. Drinking makes a person lose his ________ and give exhibitions.

a. Inhibit b. Inhibited c. Inhibitor d. Inhibition

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ANSWER: Inhibition

4. Soap operas ___________ premarital and extramarital sex.

a. Glamour b. Glamour’s c. Glamorize d. Glamorous

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ANSWER: Glamorize

5. A priest was driving by and saw an _________ beautiful farm.

a. Except b. Excepted c. Exception d. exceptionally

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ANSWER: exceptionally

6. Striving for perfection is neurotic; striving for excellence is progress, because there is nothing that can’t be done better or ___________.

a. Improvise b. Improvised c. Improved d. Improve

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ANSWER: Improved

7. Trials in life can be tragedies or ____________, depending on how we handle them. Triumphs don’t come without effort.

a. Triumphs b. Triumph c. Triumphant d. Triumphalism

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ANSWER: Triumphs

8. Nothing will take the place of __________.

a. Persistent b. Persistence c. Persist d. Persevere

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ANSWER: Persistence

9. In today’s world, _____________ in performance has fallen by the wayside because it requires effort and hard work.

a. Proud b. Proudly c. Pride d. Full of pride

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10. The ____________ of risk varies from person to person and can be a result of training.

a. Conceptualize b. Concept c. Conception d. Conceptualism

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ANSWER: Concept

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