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Complete the following sentences with the most appropriate words/phrases with reference to grammar, idioms, proverbs and syntax.

1. He lived _____ the expectations.

a.) on
b.) as per
c.) up to
d.) above

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ANSWER : up to

2. ______ the northern frontier of India is the Himalayas.

a.) Aside
b.) Along
c.) Beside
d.) Above

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ANSWER : Along

3. The teacher is already in the class, _____?

a.) isn’t it?
b.) isn’t he?
c.) is it?
d.) is he?

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ANSWER : isn’t he?

4. The release of the movie was timed to ________ with the director’s seventieth birthday.

a.) fall with
b.) coincide
c.) harmonise
d.) patronise

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ANSWER : coincide

5. A good looking woman does not necessarily have an attractive character, __________________________.

a.) Don’t go by the appearance.
b.) Beauty is only skin deep.
c.) All that glitters is not gold.
d.) Never judge by appearance.

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ANSWER : Beauty is only skin deep.

6. The Delhi police has ordered the removal of all ______ from the car windows to combat the growing ________ of rapes inside such darkened cars.

a.) tints, incidences
b.) films, accidents
c.) films, incidents
d.) sheets, incidences

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ANSWER : tints, incidences

7. If the milkman delivers your milk packets ________ keep them with me till you come or ______ to your home.

a.) do I, send them
b.) should I, send them
c.) will I, send them
d.) could I, send them

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ANSWER : should I, send them

8. Because we were not sure about his interest, we kept _________ other authors.

a.) asking
b.) approaching
c.) enquiring
d.) checking

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ANSWER : approaching

9. In an emerging economy like India, the onus of wealth creation and its consequent usage lies ______ with the government, ________ private enterprises.

a.) not just, also
b.) not only, but also
c.) both, as well as
d.) neither, nor

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ANSWER : not only, but also

10. He is much too __________ in his speeches; he would speak five lines to tell what can be said in a single line.

a.) verbose
b.) garrulous
c.) talkative
d.) magnanimous

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ANSWER : verbose

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