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Complete the following sentences with the most appropriate words/phrases with reference to grammar, idioms, proverbs and syntax.

21. Log on to this website, if you are an MBA ________. This gives you access to written test strategies, online practice tests and other useful information for candidates who want to ______ their MBA overseas.

a.) aspirant….pursue
b.) candidate…..register
c.) entrant……..prepare
d.) professional……study

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ANSWER : aspirant….pursue

22. The prince is known for his chivalrous treatment of women. So, it was _______ of her to refuse his party invitation.

a.) unchivalrous
b.) churlish
c.) ungallant
d.) prudent

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ANSWER : churlish

23. Their defeat ________ to the glory of those whom they have _________

a.) amounts, fortified
b.) redounds, attacked
c.) number, deluded
d.) adds, defeated

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ANSWER : redounds, attacked

24. Women bear the ______ of both poverty and violence, yet violence isn’t a ______ issue.

a.) pangs, formidable
b.) oppression, grevious
c.) brunt, gender
d.) ruthlessness, phenomenal

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ANSWER : brunt, gender

25. Sachin has turned out to be a spoilt brat because he was ________ as a child.

a.) rude
b.) skeptical
c.) coddled
d.) angry

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ANSWER : coddled

26. Mr. Hardy’s ________ makes even the most boring lectures enjoyable.

a.) emanciation
b.) emancipation
c.) eloquence
d.) verbatim

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ANSWER : eloquence

27. The young trainee thought she could ________ herself with the boss by flattering him.

a.) ingratiate
b.) augur
c.) extol
d.) arbitrate

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ANSWER : ingratiate

28. Even after having fed him with lunch of three people, he was still _________.

a.) insatiate
b.) uncouth
c.) capacious
d.) cankerous

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ANSWER : insatiate

29. Parents should take care and behave themselves as their children _______ them.

a.) deprecate
b.) emulate
c.) actuate
d.) acolyte

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ANSWER : emulate

30. The Kumbh mela is the site of the largest _______ of people in the world.

a.) concomitant
b.) concatenate
c.) confluence
d.) confabulation

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ANSWER : confluence

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