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The questions below consist of four sentences marked A, B, C and D. Arrange the sentences in a proper sequence to form a coherent paragraph.

A. Imagine for a moment that an unknown animal had been discovered deep in the jungles of South America. B. What does it look like? What are its winning characteristics?
C. Take a paper now and draw it, making some notes about your sketch.
D. It is destined to replace the dog and the cat in popularity as a domestic pet during this century.

a.) ABCD
b.) ADBC
c.) ABDC
d.) ADCB


A. When primitive natives in New Guinea saw an aircraft for the first time they called it ‘the big bird’.
B. Birds were familiar to them.
C. We assimilate the strange or unfamiliar by comparing it consciously or unconsciously to what is familiar to us.
D. Their first step towards comprehending something totally strange or unfamiliar to them was to assume it was an unusual example of something already known to them.

a.) CABD
b.) CDBA
c.) ABDC
d.) ADBC


A. When you are thinking you are travelling mentally, you are on a journey.
B. For genuine thinking is always a process possessing direction.
C. Look out for the unexpected thoughts, however lightly they stir in your mind.
D. Sometimes an unsuspected path or byway of thought that opens up might be more rewarding than following the fixed route you had set yourself.

a.) ACBD
b.) DACB
c.) DCAB
d.) ABCD


A. The idea for ‘rinsing’ glass over a molten tin bath came to Sir Alastair when he stood at his kitchen sink washing dishes.
B. Pilkington’s proprietary process eliminated this final manufacturing stage by floating the glass, after it is cast from a melting furnace, over a bath of molten tin about the size of a tennis court.
C. A float line needs only half the number of workers to produce three times as much glass as old production methods.
D. The float process gives a distortion-free glass of uniform quality with bright, fire-polished surfaces; savings in costs are considerable.

a.) ABCD
b.) BADC
c.) CDAB
d.) BCDA


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