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Direction – Some situations are provided below, followed by a idiom or proverb. Choose the one which fits the situation best.

11. The police has to collect a lot of evidences before they could _________________________

a.) catch him.
b.) beard the lion in his own den
c.) buckle down
d.) dig in his heels

ANSWER : beard the lion in his own den

12. The arrival of MS Dhoni at the event ________________________ among the cricket lovers.

a.) created an uproar
b.) bounced off the walls
c.) caused the stir
d.) electrified the environment

ANSWER : caused the stir

13. The coach was sure about his student making it to final 13 as he was always willing ____________________________.

a.) to go the extra mile
b.) work hard
c.) work through nights
d.) work till perspiration

ANSWER : to go the extra mile

14. I did not like Pizza initially. It’s _______________________________.

a.) an acquired taste for me.
b.) a junk food
c.) a foreign food
d.) foreign to India

ANSWER : an acquired taste for me.

15. He was keen on getting the land registered in his name and kept _________________________all week.

a.) pleasing his father
b.) buttering up his father
c.) polishing his father
d.) talking to his father

ANSWER : buttering up his father

16. My dad loves my son a lot. He is __________________.

a.) an apple of his eye
b.) a star of his eye
c.) his weakness
d.) his heart

ANSWER : an apple of his eye

17. The child is quite intelligent. English exam was ___________ for him.

a.) very easy
b.) like butter
c.) a piece of cake
d.) nothing

ANSWER : a piece of cake

18. The children had messed the house but they made sure that it was ___________________ before their parents returned.

a.) absolutely clean
b.) in apple-pie order
c.) absolutely well arranged
d.) shining like glitter

ANSWER : in apple-pie order

19. I still haven’t got the job, I was promised. I think the agent is _________________________.

a.) leading me up the garden path
b.) making fool of me
c.) playing a trick
d.) deceiving me

ANSWER : leading me up the garden path

20. The actor is born with __________________. He has been maintaining his garden himself since so many years.

a.) green fingers
b.) an affinity towards plants
c.) a love for nature
d.) god’s gift for plants

ANSWER : green fingers

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