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Some parts of the sentences in the passages below are left blank. Fill them with the best alternative.

If we have so many young people with good qualifications waiting(1) for a job, how come there is such a scarcity(2) of good talent in the market? Millions of students graduate every year in India and enter the job market, but in reality, they are unemployable(3). The bulk of our diploma, vocational, engineering and management graduates come from institutions that train(4) them poorly and are unable to assist them with good job opportunities. On the other hand, organisations have a short-term focus on talent where buying existing talent seems easier than building(5) in-house.

a.) wanting
b.) trying
c.) waiting 
d.) applying

ANSWER : waiting 

a.) scarcity
b.) dread
c.) requirement
d.) less supply

ANSWER : scarcity 

a.) uninterested
b.) unemployable 
c.) not of good quality
d.) dumb

ANSWER : unemployable 

a.) teach
b.) prepare
c.) train
d.) lecture

ANSWER : train 


a.) building 
b.) teaching
c.) preparing
d.) studying

ANSWER : building

We tend to be (1) about our physical bodies. True, physical health is an important (2) to higher development. However, as we grow and mature, psychological growth and well being is heavily dependent upon the ability to extend ourselves (3) our own self and body. Till the time we are obsessed and identified exclusively with our body, we are severely (4) about aging and morality. Also, there is an endless greed for (5) joys and pleasures.

a.) careful
b.) worried
c.) authorised
d.) possessive

ANSWER : possessive 

a.) precursor 
b.) factor
c.) component
d.) requirement

ANSWER : precursor

a.) extra
b.) beyond
c.) limit
d.) in excess to

ANSWER : beyond

a.) worried
b.) anxious
c.) excited
d.) concerned

ANSWER : anxious

a.) artificial
b.) worldly
c.) superficial 
d.) natural

ANSWER : superficial

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