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Some parts of the sentences in the passages below are left blank. Fill them with the best alternative.

We are open to more FDI in the Indian economy – but we are (1) to foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail. We believe that the retail trade in India is a (2) sector which provides employment to 50 million people. They all have (3) traditional skill in retailing. We are not against FDI – we just want it to be (4) in such a way that our local trade and tradesmen as well as our local products do not suffer.

1. a.) against
b.) opposed
c.) not in favour
d.) in opposition

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ANSWER : opposed

2. a.) professional
b.) traditional
c.) cultural
d.) unorganised

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ANSWER : traditional

3. a.) a lot of
b.) many
c.) certain
d.) limited

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ANSWER : certain

4. a.) organised
b.) systematised
c.) arranged
d.) made up

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ANSWER : systematised

Wealth tax targets unproductive, non-essential and idle (1). In the crosshairs are two of the biggest (2) of Indian investors – property and gold. If you have bought a second house and not given it on rent, the value of property will be included while (3) your wealth tax liability. Of course, the (4) loan taken to buy the property will be deducted from this.

1. a.) properties
b.) assets
c.) house
d.) jewellery

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ANSWER : assets

2. a.) dreams
b.) desires
c.) obsessions
d.) demands

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ANSWER : obsessions

3. a.) drawing up
b.) assimilating
c.) computing
d.) understanding

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ANSWER : computing

4. a.) outstanding
b.) extra
c.) liability
d.) excessive

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ANSWER : outstanding

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