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Some parts of the sentences in the passages below are left blank. Fill them with the best alternative.

We want to (1) joy. How can we be joyful? We know well the difference between pleasure and joy. Pleasure is always (2) by frustration, anxiety, worry and depression, whereas joy is followed by peace and more joy. We get joy not by coming forward before others, but by bringing others to the (3). Real joy is experienced by self-giving, not by possessing or showing our own (4).

1. a.) feel
b.) know
c.) experience
d.) express

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ANSWER : experience

2. a.) accompanied
b.) followed
c.) preceded
d.) homogenised

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ANSWER : followed

3. a.) focus
b.) limelight
c.) fore
d.) centre

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ANSWER : fore

4. a.) importance
b.) superiority
c.) authority
d.) supremacy

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ANSWER : supremacy

The middle class has always preferred English as a medium of schooling. Today, even small towns and villages are (1) for schools in the English medium. Wherever low-cost private English-medium schools are available, government and non-English medium schools are facing an (2). Political (3) aside, corporation, government and aided schools have started (4) English-medium sections within their schools in response to this situation.

1. a.) demanding
b.) desiring
c.) clamouring
d.) inviting

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ANSWER : clamouring

2. a.) the heat
b.) an exodus
c.) the neglect
d.) the lack of students

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ANSWER : an exodus

3. a.) story
b.) motivation
c.) rhetoric
d.) discussions

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ANSWER : rhetoric

4. a.) building
b.) developing
c.) introducing
d.) growing

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ANSWER : introducing

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