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Some parts of the sentences in the passages below are left blank. Fill them with the best alternative.

A 71 year old gentleman sought psychotherapy(1) as he was suffering from ‘death anxiety’. Although in good health, he feared(2) he would develop a life-threatening illness. He often underwent extensive health check-ups at hospitals. The thought that he might not be around for long depressed(3) him – he felt he could no longer enjoy life. After psychotherapy, he came up with a wish to donate his organs and gave instructions(4) to his family members to do the needful after his demise. Consequently, there were significant positive changes in his personality and psychological health. His preoccupation(5) with illness, his greed to experience pleasures and fear of death got reduced. In fact he became calm and joyful.

a.) physiotherapy
b.) psychotherapy
c.) medical help
d.) treatment

ANSWER : psychotherapy

a.) scared
b.) worried
c.) feared
d.) thought

ANSWER : feared

a.) depressed
b.) worried
c.) scared
d.) traumatised

ANSWER : depressed
a.) orders
b.) authority
c.) instructions 
d.) advice

ANSWER : instructions

a.) preoccupation 
b.) thoughts
c.) notion
d.) presumption

ANSWER : preoccupation

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