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In following questions, a sentence is broken up into parts. One of the parts may have an error. You are required to identify the part containing the error. If there’s no error – choose “None of the above” as your answer.

a.) When I take up a film
b.) I always think of
c.) the affect it will
d.) have on my children.

ANSWER : the affect it will

a.) It has given me
b.) a lot of confidence
c.) to look out on things
d.) that will be challenging to do.

ANSWER : to look out on things

a.) His inimitable teaching style
b.) and involvement in organising
c.) department events with students
d.) is the reason for his popularity

ANSWER : is the reason for his popularity

a.) In fact, the principle has also
b.) agreed for this tag and
c.) believes that the trio makes for a
d.) fantastic team when it comes to organizing events.

ANSWER : agreed for this tag and

a.) A teacher needs
b.) to upgrade himself
c.) or else he might
d.) just become old

ANSWER : just become old

a.) The commitment to play Milkha
b.) opened the extent to
c.) which you had to dig deep,
d.) no matter what happens to do the role

ANSWER : opened the extent to

a.) Remember, children
b.) don’t listen
c.) to you
d.) but perform as you.

ANSWER : but perform as you.

a.) When parents fight,
b.) it perplexes children
c.) and creates uncertainty
d.) in their school

ANSWER : in their school

a.) The rains is a
b.) perfect time
c.) to wear bright clothing
d.) and vibrant accessories.

ANSWER : The rains is a

a.) Even though she is not
b.) the best person to get marital advice
c.) she does believe in working
d.) on any relationship in her life.

ANSWER : the best person to get marital advice

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