Describe your imaginary co-worker to us.

Describe your imaginary co-worker to us.

Answer: Your imagination about your co-workers helps the interviewer in understanding your readiness to take up a particular position, your team playing attitude and your style of management.

For example, if you are being interviewed for a managerial position, you can say something like: “Being the leader of team, I would like my team to be full of energy and vigour. They should be able to think creatively and put across their views without any fear. While being independent thinkers, they must respect the discipline at work and focus on performance. I would appreciate that each team member must respect each other’s views – and yes, I’ll ensure that they get a congenial environment to work in.”
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  • RE: Describe your imaginary co-worker to us. -Farhana Afreen (07/06/15)
  • Yes, they are imaginary. No, they need not have wings and to be at your service always. You can answer simply by listing a few ideal qualities that are needed in a good co-worker. The interviewer intends to check whether you will be able to get along well with co-workers in a team and what according to you is needed in those working with you to facilitate you to work harder and better.

    Do not bring in ideal terms like hard-working, honest, friendly, etc. You can simply highlight qualities that would help you in bonding with co-workers in a team like dedicated towards what they are doing and motivated to get the work done in time. You can add that co-workers with a positive attitude and communicative spirit helps in developing the much needed understanding to work together for the best.

    "An ideal co-worker for me is someone who has a pleasant approach and is as dedicated toward work as me. I do not believe in getting involved in the personal lives of co-workers so as long as they know their work well I am more than pleased in being a part of the team."