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Arrange sentences A, B, C, D between sentences 1 and 6, to form a logical sequence of six sentences.

1. A city surrounded by hills should ideally burst with greenery.

A. Instead, Pune today is a picture of a concrete sprawl, wide treeless roads and infrastructural plans where the first casualty is usually the greenery.
B. The city is expanding and new buildings are coming up with wide roads .
C. The Environment Status Report for 2012-13 has trashed the civic body’s claims of taking eco-friendly measures to protect greenery.
D. It points at human and allied activities steadily denuding the city’s green cover and inadequate steps to boost greenery.

6. This is adding immense burden on the greener cover, the report said.

a.) ABCD
b.) ACBD
c.) ABDC
d.) DABC

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1. Some banks are in discussion to introduce voice biometrics as an option for authenticating phone banking.

A. For banks, the main attraction of voice authentication is that this does not require deployment of infrastructure – unlike in the case of fingerprint or iris recognition – as mobile phones are widely available.
B. A voiceprint is a hashed string of numbers and characters that represent how specific an individual’s voice rates on a host of characteristics being measured.
C. Banks are in talks with Nuance, a US company specializing in voice recognition and whose technology powers are Apple and Blackberry phones.
D. While phones use speech recognition which is still evolving, voice recognition is a different technology altogether and more reliable than using PIN.

6. As such, a compromised voice print has no value to a hacker.

a.) ACDB
b.) ABCD
c.) BCDA
d.) CDAB

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1. Five star hotels and fine dining restaurants are looking at a revision of their menu card rates as the weak rupee pushes up prices of imported food ingredients and spirits.

A. From meats and seafood to cheese and legumes, nearly 50% of the food produce at our speciality restaurants are imported and does not have local substitutes.
B. Premium hotels and restaurants use imported olives, olive oils, legumes, meats, cheeses, fine wines
and spirits to tickle the taste buds of their customers.
C. But with rupee depreciating against major foreign currencies, prices of imported products have shot up by as much as 20%, making it a catch-22 situation for upscale restaurants to retain the authenticity without raising rates.
D. The rupee devaluation has impacted such imports.

6. As a result, we are constrained to revise the prices of our menus but in a way that does not shift the entire burden to our guests

a.) ACDB
b.) BACD
c.) ACBD
d.) ADBC

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1. Missy Franklin has claimed her gold medal of the World swimming championships with a victory in 200-meter freestyle.

A. Franklin gave up her bid to win golds in Barcelona, withdrawing from the 50 back so she could focus on
the 200 free.
B. That decision paid off Wednesday night when she touched first in 1 minute, 54.81 seconds.
C. Italy’s Federica Pelligrini took the silver, 0.33 seconds behind the winner.
D. France’s Camille Muffat claimed bronze. Muffat went out hard, leading after the first lap and 0.75 under the world-record pace.

6. But Franklin edged ahead at the midway point and held off a later challenge from Pelligrini.

a.) ACBD
b.) CDAB
c.) ABCD
d.) ACDB

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