Indian universities vs Foreign universities.

India is known for its education worldwide. Indian universities are providing the quality education to the students making them future leaders.


- Indian Universities are better than Foreign Universities as the quality of education they provide is high.
- Indian Universities equip students with right knowledge and right attitude.
- Many students from Indian Universities are getting placed in top MNCs.
- Foreign companies also prefer Indian students for their own companies.


- Foreign universities provide better technologies with a new way of studying.
- Their education system is far much better than India’s education system.
- In India we have got really bright minds but the Indian universities don’t know how to convert these minds into something really useful.
- In foreign universities education is based on practicality than the theory based knowledge.
- Students get chance to experiment with their ideas in foreign universities.

Indian Universities have a good image world wide for the kind of education they provide but the way of giving that education should be learnt from foreign universities. In today’s time also the Indian universities are focusing more on theoretical knowledge instead of working on the practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge.
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