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In each of the questions below, a part of the sentence has been underlined. Replace the underlined part with the most appropriate choice from the four options provided below. In case no improvement is required, choose the option d.) no improvement required.

6. The rapid development of air infrastructure in Tibet coupled with rail and road development raised concerns in India.

a.) economy in the region
b.) transport infrastructure in the city
c.) air infrastructure in Tibet
d.) no improvement required

ANSWER : air infrastructure in Tibet

7. A management degree from a reputed institution certifies that the person holding the degree has enough managerial skills required to face the competition.

a.) proves that the candidate carrying the degree
b.) states that the person who has acquired the degree
c.) exhibits that the person possessing the degree
d.) no improvement required

ANSWER : no improvement required

8. The MTech program is specifically designed to provide practical knowledge in detail and skills using cutting edge tools and technologies to establish a rewarding career in information Technology and Business Analytics.

a.) extreme theoretical knowledge
b.) huge practical knowledge
c.) in-depth practice oriented knowledge
d.) no improvement required

ANSWER : in-depth practice oriented knowledge

9. She is an economist specialising in globalisation and employment in developing nations.

a.) a special economist
b.) a specialised economist
c.) a professionally specified economist
d.) no improvement is required

ANSWER : no improvement is required

10. Cosmetic companies are trying to make whole India white. No dark area on any part of the body. Except may be our hearts. Got a cream for that?

a.) turn India to white
b.) turn India into a nation of Albinos
c.) make us white people
d.) no improvement required

ANSWER : turn India into a nation of Albinos

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