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Choose the option which best replaces the underlined portion in the sentence given in each question.

1. Russia has always been marked by callousness at a stupefying scale when it comes to the loss of human life.

a. Concern b. Regret c. Indifference d. Evacuation

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ANSWER: Indifference

2. He delivered a jeremiad to a crowd at a church.

a. Song b. Ballad c. Tale of woe d. Sermon

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ANSWER: Tale of woe

3. The ever – escalating advertising budgets have cancelled each other out.

a. Decreasing b. Constant c. Increasing d. Paltry

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ANSWER: Increasing

4. Blacks worried that they would suffer disproportionate casualties, as they did early in the Vietnam war.

a. Equal b. Negligible c. Much more d. Far less

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ANSWER: Much more

5. The first medium, a venerable Shinto ascetic in her sixties, scattered offering of fruit and flowers.

a. Shady b. Manipulative c. Respectable d. Demented

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ANSWER: Respectable

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