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Choose the option which best replaces the underlined portion in the sentence given in each question.

1. He has focused his ire on the systems most flagrant abuse, the so called soft money.

a. Eye’s b. Point c. Rage d. Funds

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2. Venture capitalists were able to sell their stock for a nice return before the shares plummeted.

a. Rose b. Dived c. Escaped d. Traded

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3. Cultivating a good habit is like ploughing a field.

a. Nurturing b. Developing c. Taming d. Calming

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ANSWER: Developing

4. Laughter is a natural tranquilizer for people all over the world.

a. Sedative b. Soporific c. Drug d. Dart

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ANSWER: Sedative

5. Outsourcing meets the utilitarian test because the result is a positive-sum game.

a. Practical b. Useful c. Effective d. Useless

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ANSWER: Practical

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