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? Requesting for ready CV (2) I only have experienced in college Lecturer for 2 years..but I want to be a java developer and Android developer..i have technical ...Shall you post one sample Resume for me ,please????? Posted by: Josob John
? Resume mistakes (2) What are the common mistakes in a resume that could be avoided? Posted by: Guest
? Etiquettes of a cover letter (2) I can understand the requirement of a cover letter and the various things to be included in it. What should be the proper language and pattern of drafting a cover letter? Posted by: Guest
? Precise tips of writing a good resume (2) How to write a resume in short and crisp manner without distracting the interviewer? Posted by: Guest
? Requisites of a cover letter (2) What are the essential things to be covered in a cover letter? Posted by: Guest
? Purpose of writing resume (2) I was writing my resume and wanted to give it a correct angle. What is the actual purpose of writing a resume? Can my resume get me the job? Posted by: Guest
? Details in resume. (2) Is it necessary to give complete details with the subsections opted and worked on in the resume? Or can we modify terms to a more smart one to have a rich aspect? Posted by: Guest
? 10th and 12th percentage in resume. (2) Is it important to give 10th and 12th percentage in resume? I didn’t score well in either of these, but I have passed my graduation in first distinction and pursuing my MBA Operations final year. Is it possible that I skip the 10th and 12th percentage details from my resume? Posted by: Guest
? Project details for 2 years experience. (2) I understand, that for 2 years experience I should ideally limit my resume to single page. How many project experience and how much details for each project is acceptable? Posted by: Guest
? ‘Acting’ position on resume (2) I took the position of ‘Acting manager’ for 3 months when he was on official trip abroad. How to write those details on my resume as it could add value to my career. Posted by: Guest
? Partially completed college degree on resume (2) I have completed 2nd year in Hospital Management, but due to circumstances I am unable to complete my degree. I want to present my partial course in the resume during my job search. Please help me in updating my resume. Posted by: Guest
? Whether unrelated work experience mandatory in resume (2) When I apply for the job profile and make suitable alterations in my resume, can I skip the work experience that is not related with the applied profile? Or do I need to present all my experience for every job? Posted by: Guest
? Requirement of different resume for different job applications (2) Can I make one resume and use that for applying every job profile or should I prepare different resume every time I apply for a job? Posted by: Guest
? Demotion in resume (2) I had been demoted during the universal industrial recession, but I was able to retain my job. Now I have started searching new job. How should I present my profile change so that it does not have a negative impact on my resume and career? Posted by: Guest
? Resume summary (2) What should be ideally presented in a career summary? Posted by: Guest
? ‘Salary status and CTC’ in resume (2) How to provide the expected and current CTC in resume. Can we skip this info if not asked for? If requested, how to handle the salary information? Posted by: Guest
? ‘Contact information’ in resume (2) How much details should be ideally provided in the ‘contact information’ section of resume? Posted by: Guest
? Company merger - which name to be used in resume (2) I joined an organization 5 years back and the company underwent merger with another one 3 years back and the name of the organization was changed to new one. Now I am searching better job proposal, but couldn’t figure out which name to use in my resume. Posted by: Guest
? How to elaborate self-employed status in resume? (2) I am a gynecologist with 10 years experience. For the past 5 years, I am practicing in my own clinic at Bangalore. I am shifting to Pune due to some personal reasons and unable to set-up a new clinic. I have started job search at hospitals and wonder how to explain my employment status for the past 5 years? Posted by: Guest
? Why do I need ‘Objective’ in my resume? (2) What is the importance of ‘Objective’ statement in my resume? Does this make any difference in my job hunt? Posted by: Guest
? Skills for resume - .Net, Java or all? (2) I'm a fresh BE - Computer Science and want to apply for software development jobs. Which skills should I mention in my resume - .Net, Java or both? Posted by: Guest
? Generalist or Specialist - How should I position my resume? (2) I'm an MBA - HR fresher and I did my summer training in recruitment. Should I position myself as a generalist or specialist in my resume? Posted by: Guest
? Is it OK to provide fake experience in resume? (2) My cousin owns a business and is ready to hand out an experience letter to me but I have never actually worked in that company. Is it OK to include some fake experience in the resume? Can the HR people catch it? Posted by: Guest
? Length of resume - 2 pages or 3 pages? (2) I have got 5 years of work experience in sales field and now looking out for a switch over. How long should my resume be? Posted by: Guest
? Using current employer's logo in resume. (2) I'm looking out for a new job. Is it OK to use the existing company's logo in my resume? Posted by: Guest
? Resume - MS Word or PDF - which is better? (2) Should I send my resume to the companies in MS Word format or pdf? Posted by: Guest
? Should the resume be colourful? (2) I saw a friend's resume and it was colourful but I think that adding the colour to the resume made it unnecessarily jazzy and crying out for attention. I'm just writing my resume. Should I make it colourful? Posted by: Guest
? Effective words for my resume (2) I'm writing my resume for the first time. Can you suggest some effective words to be used in a resume? Posted by: Guest
? Joining and leaving date in the resume (2) Am I required to include the dates of joining and leaving an organisation in my resume? Posted by: Guest
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