Modularization in ABAP

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Explain Modularization. What are its benefits?
What are the various Modularization techniques in ABAP/4?
Situation: You want to create a callable module of program code within an ABAP/4 Program. How will you do it?
Situation: You want to pass data to and from include programs explicitly. How will you do that?
Explain Subroutines and its types.
Situation: You want to create an ABAP/4 program which contains only subroutines. Will you be able to do it? Explain your answer.
Explain Parameters and their use.
Explain the different types of Parameters.
Differentiate between Input parameters and Output parameters.
Explain the following methods of passing data: a.) Calling by reference b.) Calling by value c.) Calling by value and result
Situation: An internal table with header line is passed to a subroutine and another table without a header line is passed to a subroutine. How will you distinguish between the two?
What is work area? Why is it required?
Situation: You want to end a subroutine a.) Unconditionally. What statement will you use? b.) Conditionally. What statement will you use?
Explain a Function Group. What are its characteristics?
Differentiate between Function module and normal ABAP/4 subroutine.
Explain update task. What will happen if a function module runs in an update task?
Where are Functions modules created and stored? What happens when a functions module is activated?
Explain RAISING exception. What is its use?
Differentiate between internal tables and extract datasets.
Differentiate between field-group header and other field groups.
What do following statements do in extracts datasets. a.) Insert b.) Extract. 

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