SAP Business Workflow interview questions


SAP Business Workflow interview questions

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1. What is SAP Workflow?
2. Explain WebFlow. How does it relate to SAP Business Workflow?
3. What are the advantages of SAP Business Workflow?
4. Situation -
a.) You want to undelete work items in SAP workflow after logically deleting them. How will you do that?
b.) A user wants to receive a pop-up message when he get a new WF message. How can this be done?

5. How will you do the following?
a.) Creating timed events.
b.) Capture the username of the person who approves or rejects a PO.

6. You want to download your workflows. Is it possible to do it? Give the path.

7. You want to subsitute a user who has been deleted by another user without affecting the workflow. Is it possible to do it? If yes, how?

8. What is the transaction code for listing all the workflows in the system (including standard & customized workflows)?

9. What is the difference between the following?
a.) SWDD and SWDD configuration
b.) Sending a mail to a recipient list compared to sending individual mails via a dynamic loop
c.) Work item and notification e-mail

10. You want to do following two things. What steps will you take?
a.) Send a standard text as an e-mail from workflow.
b.) Send a complex text from the workflow.

11. I want to find out who the approver has been substituted with in the system. How can I do that?

12. a.) You wan to limit the display to inbox -workflow tasks only. How can you do that?
b.) You want to configure the SAP workflow to send a pop-up message to the approver when the Purchase Requisitions are ready for them to act upon. How will you

do that?

13. a.) Define Condition Step.
b.) You want to configure workflow to track record for every change of material in material master. What steps will you take?

14. Can Business Objects be debugged? Is it also possible to get a trace of the Business Object Event triggers and Method Calls? How?

15. You want to configure the Purchase order release Procedure. What steps will you take?

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