SAP ALE interview questions


SAP ALE interview questions

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1. Explain:
a.) ALE
b.) IDOC
c.) BAPI

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of ALE?

3. How is ALE related to Middleware? Explain.

4. List the various ALE business processes available.

5. What do the following ALE services do?
a.) Business Process Harmonization
b.) Receiver Determination
c.) Business Object Synchronization
d.) Consistency checks
e.) Monitoring
f.) Error handling

6. Differentiate between:
a.) Synchronous and Asynchronous links.
b.) ALE links and IDOC links

7. Are there any advantages of using ALE over database replication or distributed businesses in SAP?

8. What do following T-Code stand for?
a.) SALE
b.) SM59
c.) WE21
d.) WE57
e.) WE42
f.) BD95
g.) BD59
h.) BD50
i.) BD65

9. a.) What is IDOC? Explain its structure.
b.) What are the components of an IDOC?

10. a.) How would you debug an IDOC?
b.) Imagine that there is one sender and three receivers. While sending an IDOC, how many IDOCs would be generated? Explain the flow from outbound to inbound


11. a.) You wan to send an IDOC to multiple systems. How will you do that?
b.) You are transferring Material Master Data, Customer Master Data, Verder Master Data and BOM Data. What type of IDOCs will you use in ALE?

12. a.) How would you handle IDOC errors using messages?
b.) Explain IDOC Extension. How do you do it?

13. What are SAP ALE converters? What are the minimum requirements for them?

14. Explain the configuration methodology for SAP ALE?

15. Explain the following in IDOCs?
a.) The IDOC control record
b.) Data records
c.) Status records
d.) IDOC Base
e.) Multiple messages.

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