SAPScript interview questions


SAPScript interview questions

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1. a.) What is SAPScript?
b.) What is its purpose?
c.) What are its components?

2. What is layout set? What is it used for?

3. Explain the following elements in layout set.
a.) Header Data
b.) Paragraph format
c.) Character format
d.) Windows
e.) Pages
f.) Page windows

4. a.) You want to link to a layout set. What ABAP 4 commands will you use?
b.) You want to import graphics into SAPScript. How will you do that?
5. Situation-
a.) I need to debug SAPScript. What steps would you recommend should I take?
b.) I want to take the back up of my script layout into my hard disk to be loaded later. What should I do?
6. What is the use of following programs?
d.) RSWBO052
7. You want to backup SAPScript layoutsets. How will you do it? Can you perform the download and upload function here? How?

8. Explain Compare Tool.

9. Explain the following window types in SAPScript:
a.) Main
b.) Variable
c.) Constant
10. Explain composer. What does it do?
11. Differentiate between:
a.) Window and Page Window.
b.) Protect and End Protect.
c.) SAPScript and Smartform.
12. What do you mean by Symbols? What are their different types?
13. What role does an ABAP program play in SAPScript?
14. a.) How would you call a subroutine in SAP Script?
b.) You want to display top 5 records from an internal table. How will you do that?
15. a.) What is client concept in SAPScript? What is client dependent and client independent?
b.) How can I transfer SAPScript from one client to another?

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