SAP MM interview questions


SAP MM interview questions

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1. Explain the following types of stocks in SAP MM:

a.) Subcontracting
b.) Consignement
c.) Pipeline,
d.) Project,
e.) Third party
f.) GR blocked
2. Explain:
a.) Consignment cycle
b.) Subcontracting cycle
c.) MRP type
d.) Lot sizing
e.) Full cycle
f.) Credit Memo

3. Differentiate between:
a.) Contract and scheduling agreement
b.) Release procedure with and without classification
c.) BSX and BSA

4. Explain Batches. How would you search them?

5. Situation - You want to perform Quota arrangement. What steps would you take?

6. Situation -
a.)You want to automatically convert Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order. How would you configure the system?
b.) You wan to automatically create and locate storage locations on Inventory Management. What you you do?

7. What do following do?
a.) WE101
b.) WE 103
c.) XD01
d.) XK01
e.) MK01
8. List the steps involved in automatic account assignment configuration.

9. Explain Batch Management Process.

10. A stock transfer was done:
a.) Between two plants belonging to same company code.
b.) Between two plants belonging to different company code.
What will be the difference between the two?

11. Explain:
a.) RTP
b.) Release Strategy

12. Can you differentiate between a STO and Standard Purchase Order at a glance? How?
13. What is split valuation? When is it used? What are the settings reuired for it?
14. Which documents are generated in MIGO 101 movement type? Which accounts are effected in the process?
15. You want to perform data migration in SAP. List the tools available for you.

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