SAP FICO interview questions


SAP FICO interview questions

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1. How are controlling areas and company codes related?
2. How many charts of accounts can a company code have?
3. How many normal and special peroids can be there in a Fiscal Year? How do you open and close periods? What is the use of special periods?
4. What do yo mean by document type control? What entries do you make in company code global settings?
5. What do you mean by chart of accounts? What is it used for? What are its important elements? How many chart accounts can be assinged to a company?
6. Explain an account group. What does it control?
7. Differentiate between:
a.) Residual payment and part payment.
b.) Chart of Account and Operation Chart of Account
c.) Profit center and Business area

8. What is GL Master Record? What are its various segments? How is the field status of GL Master Record maintained?
9. Explain the following and list various segments in them.
a.) Customer Master Record
b.) Vendor Master Record

10. What do you mean by the following?
a.) Acquisition and Production Costs.
c.) Accumulated Depreciation
d.) Tolerance Group
e.) Reversal posting
f.) Field Status Group

11.What do you mean by Automatic a/c determination? What data do you need for it?
12. Explain:

a.) Automatic payment programmer
b.) Dummy cost center
c.)Statistical key figure
d.) Asset Class

13. What is Business Area? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
14. Situation - You want to run a payment run. Which dates would you take into consideration?
15. How do you calculate the due date of a document?

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job. i completed fico in 2017


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sap fico


MUHAMMED AJNAS 10-29-2018 07:23 PM


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