SAP APO interview questions


SAP APO interview questions

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1. a.) What does APO stand for in SAP APO?
b.) Can SAP APO be used as a stand alone solution?
c.) How would you change the location type in APO?

2. a.) How does SAP R/3 communicate with SAP APO?
b.) How does the data exchange between two systems take place?
c.) Can SAP APO and SAP R/3 installed on the same server? Can they use the same database?
d.) Since SAP APO is a separate system, is it required to maintain the master data twice?

3. Explain:
a.) Planning Procedure
b.) Reuse mode in product heuristic
c.) PPDS Fixing Horizon
d.) Master Data in DP
4 . How will you do the following?
a.) Execute an unauthorised transaction
b.) Copy a process chain
c.) Copy planning versions in R/3
d.) Create planning book with two tables
5. Explain concensus forecast and its use. List the forecast models involved.
6. Differentiate between:
a.) Manual Payment and Quick Payment
b.) Storage bucket profile and Planning bucket profile.
c.) Planning Characteristic and Navigation Attribute
d.) Dynamic and Database alerts.

7. a.) What are Info-objects? What do they comprise of?
b.) Where do you define Info-objects?
a.) What is Administrator Workbench is used to create and manage?
b.) What are the different types of data in liveCache?

9. a.) What are aggregates?
b.) What are the types of Keyfigure aggregation in terms of characteristics/Calc Type?
c.) What are the types of Keyfigure aggregation in terms of time?
d.) Where do you maintain keyfigure aggregation?

10. Explain :
a.) Realignment
b.) Cannibalization Group
c.) Planning Version
d.) Planning Area Initialization

11. Explain following methods of Supply Network Planning:
a.) Heuristic
b.) Optimiser
c.) Multi- Level Demand Supply Match
a.) Explain SNP Stock Transfer Horizon.
b.) How does it relate with Planning Time Fence?
c.) Explain SNP Horizon.
d.) How does it relate with PPDS Horizon?
13. Differentiate between:
a.) Order Series and Time series Data
b.) SNP Plans and PPDS plans.
c.) SNP Horizon and PPDS Horizon
d.) Model and Version
14. How would you do the following?
a.) Setting up two grids in the planning book.
b.) Setting up custom alert types for DP and SNP.
c.) Creating proportional factors

15. What is Netting and Forecast Consumption? Explain Backward and Forward Consumption.

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