SAP Basis interview questions


SAP Basis interview questions

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1. Explain:
a.) Transport domain
b.) Domain controller
c.) Logon groups
d.) Logon load balancing

2. Differentiate between:
a.) Consolidation routes and Delivery routes
b.) Synchronous and Asynchronous transport

3. Situation- You want to do a system-copy. List the steps you will take.

4. Situation - A user moved the transport request from DEV to QUA. How would you trace him?

5. How would you troubleshoot the following?
a.) User cannot connect to SAP
b.) User can not print
c.) System seems slow

6. Explain Deletion Flag. Where is it used in archiving process?

7. Situation - You want to transport users between different clients. How would you do that?

8. Explain the following:
a.) System Trace
b.) Developer Trace
c.) System Log
9. What are the pre-requisites to apply support patch?

10. Situation - You want to take SAP backup using BRTOOLS. How would you do that?

11. Explain reference and service user in SAP. What are their uses?

12. Explain:
a.) Table space
b.) Central Instance
c.) Extent
d.) Segment
e.) Checkpoint

13. Explain Kernel Upgrade.

14. What is a support package? What is its purpose?

15. Situation - You want to find out which users have an access to a particulat transaction. How would you do that?

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