SAP CRM interview questions


SAP CRM interview questions

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1. a.) What is a CRM software?
b.) What are the advantages of CRM?
c.) What data do CRM projects collect?
d.) Explain the general ways through which a CRM can be enhanced.
2. a.) What is the business process involved in SAP-CRM?
b.) What reports does a SAP-CRM functional generate?
c.) What are the tools used in SAP-CRM?
3. a.) You want to transfer data from development server to QA server. How would you do that?
b.) How will you know if the data has been successfully transferred? Where will you check it?
4. What do you mean by following?
a.) Product Catalog
b.) List price in product catalog
c.) Catalog variant

5. What is the GUID Concept in CRM. How is it used?
6. Explain Easy Enhancement Workbench. What are the limitations of the EEWB?
7. List the tools are available to import/export data from a CRM system?
8. What function does the CRM middleware perform?
9. What technology is used to generate PCUI screens?
10.Differentiate between CRMC_BLUEPRINT vs CRMC_BLUEPRINT_C
11. What do you mean by following?
a.) Blue print Application Builder
b.) Field groups
c.) Model Access Class
d.) PCUI Cookbook
12. a.) How are model access classes assigned?
b.) How do you debug a PCUI application?

13. Explain the CRM One Order concept, and logical structure of a business transaction
14. List the primary header table for a CRM business transaction.
15. List the primary extension tables for CRM business transactions.
16. Explain the usage of customizing includes in the business transaction.
17. Explain the BADI framework for the business transaction.
18. Explain the usage of the CRMV_EVENT framework.
19. What are the advantages of mySAP CRM over R/3?

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