SAP SRM interview questions


SAP SRM interview questions

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1. What does SRM stand for? List basis steps associated with the configuration of SRM ?
2. a.) What number ranges can be configured in SRM ?
b.) Why are number ranges configured in SRM ?
3. Why are internal number ranges created for Local bid invitations ?
4. Differentiate between:
a.) SRM Vendor list and Source list from R/3.
b.) Partner and Customer
c.) Business Partner and Partner function
5. What is SRM equivalent terminology for Material group material master ?
6. Define ITS URL.
7. Situation - You want to replicate only a subset of material group to SRM Product categories. How would you do it?
8. a.) List non –MM objects that must be replicated in SRM system.
b.) How often must we define Org unit address?
c.) In disconnected mode how many local system should be connected / defined?
9. Can vendors be replicated in the org plan ?If yes, how? Is there anything special about it?
10. If you are replicating from R/3 back end and some thing gets stuck in the queue in R/3, what will you do?
11. Suppose
a.) You want to see if you have a queue in EBP, how will you do it?
b.) You wan to make a user/ vendor a valid part of SRM. How will you do that? Does this need anything particular to be done?
c.) You want ot make catalogue link appear for a user. How would you do that?

12. a.)What do you mean by SRM Org structure?
b.)What purpose does it serve?
c.) What attributes are assigned in the Org structure. What purpose do they serve?

13. a.)What is the purposes of forword work item attribute ( forword_wi ) ?
b.) What is the significance of product category is in SRM?
c.) Which T-code is used to replicate vendor master from back end in SRM ?
d.) Is it possible to disable the tax calculation?

14. How would you do the following?
a.) Control which catalogs are seen by a user.
b.) Automate vendor replication on SRM
c.) Call a structure in SRM

15. a.)What do you mean by purchasing organization hierarchy ?
b.) What is the purpose of a document type? How does it apply to a PR/ PO?
c.) How are product categories represented in R3?
d.) How is SAP SRM linked with SAP MM?

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