SAP SD interview questions


SAP SD interview questions

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1. Explain account determination. Name its important fields.
2. What do you mean by Excise Invoice? How would you create it?
3. How would you trasnfer data from legacy code to SAP?
4. Explain the following terms and throw some light on their purpose:
a.) Text Determination
b.) Account Determination
c.) Partner Determination
d.) Output Determination
e.) Storage Location Determination
f.) Pricing Determination
g.) Shipping point determination
5. Exlpain Copy Controls. Where and how do you maintain them?
6. Explain:
a.) Transfer Order
b.) Delivery Document
c.) Scheduling

7. What do you mean by following?
a.) Statuses
b.) Condition Type
8. Differentiate between:
a.) Incomplete Order and Back Order Processing
b.) Plant and storage location
c.) SD account key and FI account key
d.) Routine and Requirements
e.) Milestone and periodic billing

9. What is customer master? Why does it have different views?
10. Differentiate between:

a.) Static and Dynamic Credit Check
b.) Item proposal and Dynamic Proposal
c.) Condition types EK01 and EK02
d.) Listing and Exclusion

11. Explain:
a.) Field Catalog
b.) User exits
c.) Pricing Procedure
d.) Condition Exclusion

12. Explain Delivery Group. What is its purpose?
13. What do you mean by following?
a.) Line Item
b.) Transfer Order
c.) Value SAP
14. What is the difference between Incomplete Order and Back Order processing?
15. Situation- You just over rated a customer. Explain its impact.
16. What are tha main components of SAP SD module?

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