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Explain Data Clusters.
What indicates the success or failure of a SQL Opertation?
How would you read selected lines of database table into an internal table in packages of predefined sizes?
What WILDCARD characters are used for the comparison with character strings and numeric strings?
What ABAP/4 keywords are used to change contents of database table?
How would you specify a client for database table processing?
How would you write a data object ABAP/4 programs to ABAP/4 memory and vice versa?
What statements/commands do you use for following?
a.)Delete Data Objects in ABAP 4 memory
b.)Create a file on application server
c.)Open a file on application server read
d.)Transfer data into a file on application server
Name the function module you would use for following.
a.) To read data from presentation server to an internal table
b.) To write data from an internal table to presentation server
c.) To get information about files on presentation server and its OS
Name the ABAP/4 keywords you woukd use to do the following.
a.) To search a string in an internal table
b.) To initialize an internal table - with and without headerline
c.) Clear the headerline of an internal table
What attributes would you assign to a variant?
Situation - You want to create dynamics programs during runtime of an ABAP/4 program. Is it possible to do it? If yes, how?
Name the three hierarchical levels of data types and objects.
Explain the following:
a.)Field Strings
b.)Field Group
c.)Formal Parameters 

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