SAP HR interview questions


SAP HR interview questions

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1. What is a wage type? What are its characteristics?
2. What charateristics define how the wage type will be defined in the payroll run?
3. What do you mean by structural authorization? What is its use?
4. Explain the process of trasferring an applicant?
5. Define Personnel Area. What are its characteristics?
6. What is Personnel Sub Area? What are its characteristics?
7. What are the main organizational functions of Personnel Sub Area?
8. What do you mean by Employee Subgroup? Give some examples.
10. Explain retroactive accounting. When is it used?
11. What is Off-cycle payroll? When do you perform this?
12. List the steps you would take to transfer employee's salary from HR to FI?
13. What problems are generally faced while posting results to FI?
14. Explain the following with examples:
a.) Processing Class
b.) Evaluation Class
c.) Cumulation Class
15. List the steps you would take to calculate over time.

16. Explain Internal Recruitment.

17. Explain Controlling Area. What are its uses? How do you assign it?

18. What is symbolic a/c? How do you create it?

19. Is it possible to assign one symbolic account to various wage types? If yes - how?

20. Explain report variant for off-cycle activities.

21. How would you create multiple positions to avoid any human errors?

22. Explain Go Live.

23. Situation - You want to group employees for their allowances in Payroll. How would you do that?

24. How would you get the details of a group of employees in OM?

25. How is Time Management and Payroll integrated?

26. Situation - You want to view payroll results for an employee. How would you do that?

27. Explain additional actions.

28. What is the T Code for following?

a.) Payroll result
b.) Payroll driver
c.) Payroll run

29. Explain pay roll period.

30. How would you make payroll corrections?

31. Explain off cycle work bench. What is its use?

32. Situation - You want to revert payroll run for one employee. How would you do that?

33. What is the basis of valuation of certain wage component like PF? Where would you configure this?

34. How would you correct the Payroll simulation entry and check the correctness of master data?

35. Situation - An employee goes over the limit of leave quota. How would you make sure that leave accrual in future is reflected correctly?

36. Situation - You wan to pay an individual in multiple currencies. How would you do that?

37. What are the charateristics of a day with day type 1?

38. Is it possible to delete a posting that has already been run? If yes, how?

39. What changes can you make to the master data when payroll control record is set to "Released for payroll"?

40. List the steps you would take to create the following?

a.) Payroll area
b.) Pay scale types
c.) Levels for different employee groups & sub groups

41. What is real time recruitment?

42. Explain the following:

a. ) Staffing status
b. ) Staffing percent
c. ) Percentage approved
d. ) Percentage Reserved

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