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Read the passage below and answer the questions following it.

Over the next few years, I saw in my own clinical studies, and learned through reading a rapidly growing body of research that most individuals have difficulty in managing situations that are emotionally volatile, particularly when the emotions aroused are anger and anxiety. When this difficulty is coupled with poor communication skills, the results can be quite disastrous.

In the 1980s, I began doing consulting work for corporations. I saw how the inability to manage emotions and communicate effectively often led to unresolved and repetitive conflicts among staff, low morale, and diminished productivity. So I began to look at how people could learn to use their emotions productively and develop the skills necessary for relating well to others.

I have continued that exploration in writing four books, carrying on a clinical and consulting practice, and giving seminars.

1. What is the most common output of inability to manage emotions?

a.) unhealthy work place atmosphere
b.) conflicts among staff which keep recurring and are still unresolved
c.) low morale of the staff
d.) loss in productivity
e.) all the above
f.) b, c, d

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ANSWER : b, c, d

2. The individuals usually have a problem in managing situation which

a.) are emotionally hot
b.) lead to anger and anxiety
c.) are emotionally volatile and lead to anger and anxiety
d.) all the above

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ANSWER : are emotionally volatile and lead to anger and anxiety

3. What is the basis of various books written by this author?

a.) first hand experiences
b.) data observations
c.) clinical studies
d.) learnings through a research body
e.) all the above
f.) c and d

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ANSWER : c and d

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