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Read the passage below and answer the questions following it.

Big shots in technology have more “eureka moments” per unit time than the little shots. They are leaders and connectors. They are the charismatic inspirations for new ideas who build consensus to forge ahead on new technology initiatives. They have the ideas that create and shape the technology of the future. This makes them sensationally valuable assets to any enterprise. The more valuable you are, the more control you have over your destiny. Your employer, colleagues and industrial associates will do more for you and give you that freedom, to keep you happy and focussed on what you have excelled at. Notice that I said, “freedom to work on what you want”, but I did not say the freedom to work the amount you want. In software, successful people generally work hard. The climb to fame and fortune in software generally exacerbates this fate until you decide you have climbed enough, done enough, and earned enough, that you are willing to let your contributions plateau.

1. Being in software industry, what would you do to have more control over your destiny?

a.) work on important projects
b.) develop more value
c.) increase your technical acumen
d.) keep your boss happy

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ANSWER : develop more value

2. What does it take to be successful in software industry?

a.) Hard work
b.) Bigger projects
c.) Good interpersonal skills
d.) Knowledge of new technologies

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ANSWER : Hard work

3. Who gets a more moments of discovering something new in technology?

a.) little shots
b.) big shots
c.) performers
d.) achievers

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ANSWER : big shots

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