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Read the passage below and answer the questions following it.

The number of Americans who lack health insurance continued to increase last year, climbing to 44.3 million in spite of a prosperous economy and recent government efforts to expand coverage. The ranks of the uninsured grew by about 1 million in 1998, according to figures to be released by the census bureau, which show the proportion of people in the U.S without coverage was still one in six. The figures highlight an issue that is generating increased concern among voters and attracting renewed political attention.

The latest portrait of the nation’s supply of health insurance – widely considered a prerequisite of adequate medical care – contains bright spots. Chief among them, significantly more Americans received insurance from employers last year, including an additional half million who are poor.

On the other hand, the number of people covered through Medicaid, the government’s insurance programme for the poor, fell by more than 1 million, probably as a side effect of federal reforms that are moving people off welfare. And the pool of uninsured children remained undiminished, despite a major new federal insurance programme, launched in 1997, that was predicted eventually to reach half the 11 million US youngsters who lack coverage. Taken together, health analysts said, the patterns suggest that the country’s unparalleled economic growth, while enabling some people to find better jobs with health benefits, has been unable to reverse a decade – long trend in which more and more people have no help in paying medical bills.

1. The passage above discusses:

a) The problems faced by the insurance agents in U.S.A
b) The rising cost of insurance
c) Impact of women on the health insurance sector
d) None of the above

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ANSWER: None of the above

2. The number of people covered through health insurance in the U.S

a) Has been affecting the poor population in urban areas
b) Fell by more than 1 million
c) Has had an impact on federal reforms that are moving people off welfare
d) Both (a) and (c) above

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ANSWER: Fell by more than 1 million

3. The main theme of the passage is:

a) Uninsured population and its impact on the welfare reforms
b) Rise in the ranks of uninsured Americans
c) The impact of insurance on women’s health
d) Politicization of insurance sector

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ANSWER: Rise in the ranks of uninsured Americans

4. What is the rank of insured population in 1998?

a) 50 lakhs
b) 2 million
c) 1 million
d) None of the above

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ANSWER: 1 million

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